VLC Students

The Students Ministry exists to be the change in our schools, among our friends, and ultimately to do our part in changing our world. Rather than holding a weekly youth service, we offer a variety small groups and large group events. At VLC, we believe that discipleship happens best through small groups, and we especially believe this to be true with students. Our small groups focus on spiritual growth, developing healthy relationships, and outreach. We strive to offer every means possible for students to connect with God in a relevant way, and there’s nothing more relevant than a peer living wholeheartedly for Jesus. We don’t just see students as the leaders who can make a change. We see them as the change!

The Plug

is a large group event for all of our middle and high school students meeting the 1st Sunday of each month. This gathering of students is an engaging, interactive, and fun event that includes worship, a message, and small group discussion.


is another monthly large group gathering only for our high school students meeting the 3rd Sunday of each month. This gathering will have both a corporate and small group aspect. We’ll meet together for the first little while, then break up by gender in small groups to dig deeper. This large group is intended to build community, unity, and excitement in our high school students.

Student Small Groups

meet at various times and locations throughout the month in homes, coffee shops, in and around the city. These small groups are designed to promote deeper relationships with one another and with God.