Growth Track

The VLC Growth Track is designed to facilitate your growth as a healthy, effective follower of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in your journey, the Growth Track can equip you to experience more fully your calling in God and your part in impacting your world.


If you are new to the faith, finding your way back to God, or simply wanting to strengthen your basic foundations in God, First Step is for you. We introduce the healthy habits essential to a fruitful walk with Jesus including baptism.


If you want to learn what VLC is passionate about, where we are going, and how you can be a part of this adventure, Next Step is for you.


If you want to be better equipped to lead and influence people in your family, at your job, in your community, and at VLC, Leader Step is for you. This eight-week Small Group is offered in the Fall and the Spring Semesters. (Please note that completion of Next Step and the VLC Membership Application Process are mandatory prerequisites for participation in Leader Step).