Get Connected


Social media might be a great way for keeping up with Friends and Relatives, especially if they live far away. However, Social Media will continue to leave you with the feeling of emptiness. People tend to wish for acceptance and require a certain belonging in a community. At Victorious Life Church it is our desire to provide as many opportunities as possible to connect you with others through our program called Small Groups. We want to remove the emptiness and pack it full of love, friends, and more importantly the heart and longing for God

What are SmallGroups?

Small Groups are fun gatherings of people who connect around ministry, topics and other activities of shared interest.

How do I get connected?

Take a few minutes and look at the Winter/Spring 2017 SMALL GROUPS list. For more information on your group(s) of interest, contact the listed Group Leader by email; or contact the church office at or
by phone at 336-841-3588